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Social Wellness at CarePartners Living

Tonya Hilson at CarePartners Living

Tonya Hilson at CarePartners Living joins Suzanne talk about senior wellness and how the senior living world keeps ourselves grounded in the best quality of life. This segment focuses on social community, our ability to connect with others. Tonya is a Community Relations Director for CarePartners Living.

Tonya says, “One of the things people ask about is that their mom is used to staying at home; will she be able to adapt to this new environment? They will meet new friends, we encourage that. Whether that means making sure she’s available for an activity that’s happening in the morning, or the afternoon, we just want her to be a part of it. It’s so important — they look forward to it. Our residents look forward to the socialization, the activities, even meal times. You’re not at home eating alone any more, you’re at the table with friends.”

CarePartners Living currently has a move-in special that waives up to $2,000 in charges, based on your spend-down. They’re encouraging families to try them out. With respite care, you can stay anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks at a flat, daily rate. If you’re on the fence, but you want to try it, give Venitia a call at 425-919-4006, or visit the CarePartners Living website.