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Tips For When a Parent Moves: Their Pet

Seniors and their pet

Adult children and their aging parents have wildly differing perspectives on moving. In this segment, Rebecca Bomann, the CEO of SASH Services, and Suzanne Newman talk about building a bridge to understanding each others’ perspectives when it comes to the senior loved one’s pet, which befuddles many adult children.

Adult children are thinking of a monthly budget, trying to make funds last as long as possible, and are concerned about how that’s affected by an animal’s daily care, walks, feeding, medication, and vet care. They think that Mom could have moved to one community for $3,500 a month, but she’s going to spend $2,000 a month more so she can keep her dog, and they have trouble understanding why. They think: why not go without the dog and spend less money?

Mom, however, sees the pet as a family member who gives joy, love, companionship, and comfort. Moving already means giving up everything else — home, neighborhood, rose bushes, vehicles, plants, porch. If moving means parting from my dog or cat, my heart will be broken, so I’m never moving.

Don’t fight parents on this – it is too important to your senior loved one.

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