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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move: Tips 1 and 2

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Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne this hour to share his top ten tips for a successful move. In this segment, Sean urges people to get an in-home estimate and pack yourself to save money.

1. Get an up-front, in-home estimate.

Joseph says, “A move is a big deal. You’re giving them everything you own. Don’t you want to see who you’re dealing with, to build trust?” Choose a local company from the neighborhood. An in-home estimate is your insurance. You want them to come out to you, to meet them. While there, they can survey your items, and they won’t be able to charge more than 10% above  the amount quoted in their free binding estimate. You can ask the proper questions, and they’ll estimate the number of boxes you’ll need, and the types of boxes you’ll need. Most people underestimate how many boxes they’ll need. If you don’t have time, you can meet virtually, but definitely do hire a local company, where you can visit their offices.

2. Pack yourself to save money; supply deliveries should be free; don’t order boxes online.

Online boxes are cheap, not strong enough or durable enough for a move. The company that did the quote already knows from their estimate what boxes you’ll need. A firm like Jordan River Moving & Storage will deliver the right boxes for free, and only charge for the ones you use. They’ll also bring additional boxes if you need more, with no delivery fee. Jordan River has the option of providing good used boxes for a discount. They also will pick up your used boxes once you’ve unpacked after your move, so you don’t have to recycle them.

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