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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move: Tips 3 – 6

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Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne this hour to share his top ten tips for a successful move. In this segment, Sean advises packing boxes fully to avoid damage, organize your house for the move, don’t sign blank forms, and stay with the crew but out of the way.

3. When you pack, fill up boxes all the way to avoid damages.

If you’re doing your own packing, the moving company is not liable for damages to boxes. To avoid damage, prevent items from shifting inside the boxes. To do that, fill each box completely. If they’re sealed and flat, they can be stacked faster in the truck. Line the bottom, pack in layers, and if you have empty space, stuff it will filler so items won’t move around.

Always mark the room it’s going to, and the contents if you’d like. A good company will provide color-coded smart tape, so movers can quickly tell by color where each box belongs.

Local movers are working by the hour, so save money and seal your boxes. If they’re unsealed, movers will have to spend extra time to seal them.

4. Organize your house for the move.

Movers want to arrive and just see furniture and boxes. Then they don’t waste any time, and can get started right away. If packing isn’t completed, or boxes aren’t taped, it takes them more time.

5. Do not sign blank paperwork under any circumstances.

Scammers work by saying they have to change their estimate, then get you to sign a blank paper. Make sure you get a copy of their estimate. Jordan River Moving & Storage uses tablets; when something changes on the estimate, they will send a new completed electronic estimate.

6. Stay with the crew, but stay out of the way.

Let the crew work, they know what they’re doing. Observe all the time. If you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to call the office.

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