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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move: Tips 9 and 10


Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne this hour to share his top ten tips for a successful move. In this segment, Sean advises to always pay for moving by weight, not cubic feet, and to inspect the empty truck at the end of the move before the crew leaves.

9. Always pay by weight, not cubic feet.

Move by weight, not volume. Cubic feet is not a precise measure. The same boxes can be arranged to take up different amounts of space. Scammers can leave big open gaps within stacks of boxes on a truck, so that the boxes appear to take up more space than they really do. If you don’t have a precise measure, you don’t have control over the price. The military, governments, and corporations all ship by weight for a reason. The scale is your best friend, weight is an absolute measure.

10. Inspect the empty truck after delivery, before the crew leaves.

It’s on Jordan River Moving & Storage paperwork, to initial that you’ve inspected the truck. Nobody wants to have items accidentally left behind on the truck. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing that if you can’t find something, it’s somewhere in your house, and not on the truck. It gives you closure.

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