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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move: Tips 7 and 8

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Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne this hour to share his top ten tips for a successful move. This segment, Sean advises that you pre-plan your space in your new house before you move there, and observe the truck as it’s being weighed before and after loading.

7. Space plan at your destination before your move.

Make sure you know where you want your furniture to go in your new home. You need to be able to show the movers where to unload items. If you haven’t done that ahead of time, local movers are being paid by the hour while you decide. Sometimes you don’t end up liking where you wanted that couch to go, and they’ll move it to an alternate spot. On a long distance move, they’ve only been paid to put your couch in one spot, and will have to charge extra for moving it to various spots in your living room.

It starts with marking your boxes clearly, and not in cursive. Most movers are foreign, and cursive can be hard to read.

If you’re moving from a larger house to a smaller one, space planning is essential. Joseph says, “People are not prepared for moving bigger to smaller. So many times movers have to stack boxes all the way to the ceiling, and then the people couldn’t get to them to open them. What could we do?” Arrange for offsite storage or have some of the boxes placed in the garage.

8. Observe the truck being weighed before and after packing.

Personally observe the truck on the scale before and after packing so you know how much your stuff weighs, because that is the basis for the price you’re being charged. You also have the right to have the truck weighed at the destination.

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