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Visiting MorningStar of Beaverton

MorningStar of Beaverton

Suzanne joins community relations associate Jasmine Sablan Taitano, an ambassador for MorningStar of Beaverton, in Beaverton, OR.

Jasmine grew up in a culture that respects and honors elders. When people visit and she gives them tours, she says they appreciate the welcoming staff and tell her that the atmosphere feels very homey and genuine. MorningStar is dedicated to providing carefree retirement years and creating a true home for their residents with a lifestyle of comfort, wellness and community. Though MorningStar is new to Beaverton, their team is highly experienced in serving seniors, understanding how to provide residents with a quality of life other assisted living communities simply cannot match.

MorningStar of Beaverton is located at 14475 SW Barrows Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007. Learn more at their website or call (503) 966-5997.