Home Crossroads 12 Tips to Sell Your Home, Part 2

12 Tips to Sell Your Home, Part 2

Rebecca Bomann, the CEO of SASH Services, joins Suzanne Newman to talk about tips to help get your house ready to be sold. Sometimes it seems too hard to stay and too hard to move. Wondering where to even begin? Continuing from part 1, in this segment Rebecca shares more low-cost suggestions to maximize your net proceeds at the end of the sale. Any expenses can be paid for by following the tips from Part 1.

3. Take down heavy drapes and window coverings. When you put a home on the market, you want to show off the view and allow natural light to come in, as it makes each room and the whole house feel bigger, more cheerful, welcoming and inviting. It makes a big difference.

4. Swap out old and low-watt bulbs for bright new ones. It avoids dark hallways and closets, at least 60 watt bulbs, so each room is well lit.

5. Remove family photos and paintings. When prospective buys see family photos, they feel like they’re intruding on your privacy. Leave two or three, but pack up the rest. It cleans, declutters, and makes rooms look bigger. Let a down-sizer explain the reasoning, while family members can be supportive. Acknowledge how special the home is, compliment all of the photos and art, while explaining that these photos and paintings will get packed for moving, so pack these items now, so prospective buyers will be able envision the home as it might be for them.

6. Do a professional deep cleaning. Let a professional do it. They will even clean the tops of doorways and ceiling fans, clean blinds, and get behind doors and fridges. A sparkly clean house will smell good.

SASH Services (Sell a Senior Home) was founded in 2005 as a blend of real estate, senior care, and social work to provide seniors and their families with home-sale options that are not typical, that are designed around their needs. They provide specialized services that lift the selling burden off the senior homeowner and their family while maximizing what can be earned from the home. SASH serves most of western Washington in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re out of state, they can steer you to a qualified professional in your area. Learn more at the SASH Services website or call 888-400-SASH, and listen to part 3 for more tips.