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8 Things Every Senior Deserves, part 1

Rebecca Bomann

Rebecca Bomann, the CEO of SASH Services, joins Suzanne Newman to talk about eight things every senior homeowner deserves during a home sale.

Most realtors might treat the sale with the same frame of reference as any other sale; they might provide a to-do list to get it ready, and that’s it. But if you’ve lived in a house for 50 years, they need someone who understands that it can be a paralyzing burden. There are eight things they deserve, and doesn’t matter what type of house they’re selling or how much it’s worth. It feels scary because they’re leaving the familiar, the memories, and moving into the unknown, whether it’s moving cross-country or perhaps into a new senior living environment. This segment focuses on the first two items that every senior should experience:

1. Kindness. Give them kindness in the journey. Family members sometimes forget about how scary it can be, and validating them. Whether grumpy or angry, or sad, empathy and understanding are needed.

2. Patience. This is hard for caregivers. Well-meaning caregivers have a deadline to complete the move, but their loved one isn’t ready. Give the senior the respect to move on their timeline, not when it’s convenient for others. The fear factor, the highly-charged emotions, need to be respected.

Often caregivers and family look at the sale of a senior loved one’s house as a financial transaction. For the senior, it’s not — it’s an emotional, impactful situation. SASH stands for Sell A Senior’s Home. Learn more at the SASH Services website.