Home Crossroads 8 Things Every Senior Deserves, part 2

8 Things Every Senior Deserves, part 2

Rebecca Bomann, the CEO of SASH Services, joins Suzanne Newman to talk about eight things every senior homeowner deserves during a home sale.This segment focuses on the third and fourth things:

3: Decision-making: Every senior deserves the ability to make their own decisions, give them choices to make. Many times family members are in a hurry and want to get the process done. But this often makes mom or dad feel like the home sale is happening to them, instead of being in charge of that journey. Sometimes, even making small decisions feels empowering.

4: Knowledge and information: Seniors should have knowledge and information – give them the respect of being well informed. Often they hear what’s going to be done, but not the reasons why. The sharing of that information with a senior gives them satisfaction rather than leaving mysteries.

SASH stands for Sell A Senior’s Home. Learn more at the SASH Services website.