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If you’re a senior living in a home that’s not working for you, and you need to make a change, but don’t know what the next steps are, specialized services for seniors are available at Real Estate 55 Plus. Founder and CEO Juli Anne Gibson joins Suzanne to talk about working with families, real estate agents, executors, and estate planners. She talks about creating a roadmap to minimize the stress involved in moving, particularly for those over 55.

Juli Anne says, “Oftentimes people don’t know the options that are available to them. So we teach those Aging With Choice workshops, and then we have clients that were really working more with the adult child, and there’s been a crisis, mom or dad fell and are no longer able to go home and live alone by themselves. You get called in and really, it’s kind of triage at that time. And then we work a lot with executors and executors for estates. So someone has real estate that they need to sell with the probate process. We step in and most people are just overwhelmed with what that emotionally and financially and all the above just trying to figure out how to deal with all of this overwhelm when you’ve had a horrible loss.”

“We actually have a client that’s been living in a home for a long time and recently has moved to assisted living. And most of our seniors, their major asset is the equity in their home. They don’t have the funds to pay for an assisted living or retirement community or memory care. So we offer gap funding, and we pay that directly to the community, so the senior can move in, and then we do any of the needed repairs or refresh on the property so we can maximize their net proceeds. And then we get reimbursed at closing for paying for that gap funding. And we don’t charge an interest rate for that. There’s not a minimum or maximum amount of time.”

Juli Anne adds, “We recommend to our clients that we do what we call a pre-listing inspection of the home. Not only will that provide information for our senior clients, so they can make good decisions on repairs, if it makes sense to do a refresh or make repairs, because they’re gonna get a return on investment.But it’s also really great to provide that information to a buyer, so they can make good decisions on writing offers. And then we know when we list a property, we can fully disclose any of the issues with the home.”

8:30-9:10 set the stage… style of the home based on the buyer… work with the family… variety of products we can provide based on senior circumstance, save the most time, make the most money

“50% of the seniors that we work with don’t have their legal matters in place. And so their plan is no plan, and that is a plan. So they’re waiting for a crisis to happen. They aren’t aware of the documents that they need, and who they need to appoint for those…”

“When they have a plan, number one, I think it just gives you peace of mind knowing, hey, if, if I’m no longer able to make decisions, this person’s gonna make those for me and they know what my decisions are. So when we get called in to work with the senior, and all the family or the friends know what the plan is, we don’t have to do a lot of the triage… We have about 72 different types of services organizations that we partner with, and depending on someone’s unique road map for housing and aging, we plug in those services for them.”

You can reach Juli Anne Gibson at (800) 964-1553 or https://realestate55plus.com/.

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