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Eight Tips for Selling Your Home in a Changing Market, Part 4

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Rebecca Bomann, CEO and founder of SASH Services, summarizes her eight tips to make your home sale more successful in a changing real estate market. See her previous segments in this hour for details about each of the tips.

People have seen price reductions and seeing a 45-day period to sell their home after the crazy seller’s market. Recently in the Pacific northwest, about 1,900 homes were new listings, while 2,100 reduced their price and 400+ canceled the listings. Your broker should bring this sort of data tailored to your specific local market, and their communication skills are of paramount importance. Homes sell every week of the year, every season, every economic cycle. If you didn’t list in the spring in summer, you don’t have to wait till next year. You can list on Thanksgiving. Rebecca once listed a house on December 23rd and got seven offers before the end of the year.

You can still have a successful sale if you follow the tips: 1) Presentation matters. 2) Study your competition. 3) Price in the sweet spot. 4) Broken should have a multifaceted marketing plan. 5) Interview potential real estate brokers. 6) Buyers can ask for concessions. 7) The best offer usually comes during the first week. 8) Be collaborative with potential buyers.

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