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Eight Tips for Selling Your Home in a Changing Market, Part 3

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Rebecca Bomann, CEO and founder of SASH Services, provides more tips to make your home sale more successful. Sellers should expect these things in a changing real estate market.

6) It’s OK for buyers to ask for concessions such as help with closing costs now that interest rates are rising. Buyers can ask for inspections and for repairs to be made prior to closing. Appraisal work orders are being seen now, all normal. Also, contingent sales — allowing extra closing time for the buyer to sell their home and lease options may come up. No seller should take offense; these are normal concessions.

7) The best offer usually comes during the first week. You will have the most traffic your first week. Don’t wait for a better one; don’t scare away the only buyer you have now in hopes of getting a different one, though you should encourage negotiation and multiple offers.

8) Take good care of your potential buyers. When you have one or two potential buyers, you want to be friendly, accommodating, and flexible. You both want to close the sale, so collaborate to tackle and solve obstacles together.

Hear some general market statistics and a summary of Rebecca’s tips in our next segment. Find SASH Services at sashservices.com or sashrealty.com, or call 888-400-SASH.

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