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Free Tools to Sail Into Retirement

Retirement and fulfillment coach Larry Jacobson

If you’re wondering about what you might do after you retire, check out retirement coach Larry Jacobson‘s free retirement tools.

The first tool is a retirement wheel to assess how you’re doing in eight areas of your life, and connecting the dots shows how well balanced you can be in your retirement. The second tool helps decide what you might choose for your encore The third tool is a passion quiz, 30-35 questions that dig deep into what you like doing and what you’re good at doing, then has you review your answers, checking for patterns in your answers. The forth tool is an e-book revealing the top five retirement secrets. The fifth tool is the first segments of his self-guided video training course, Sail Into Retirement.

Through this special offer with Answers for Elders, you can get whole course for just $95, including a 90-minute coaching session with Larry, a $350 value. Check out the tips and offer at https://larryjacobson.com/5-free-gifts.


Suzanne: And welcome back everyone as we are talking about sailing, sailing into retirement with Larry Jacobson, a dear friend of mine. And Larry, it’s such an honor to have you on the program, and I want to talk this segment a little bit about free tools that you have on your website, LarryJacobson.com. Tell us a little bit about them and how to get them.

Larry Jacobson: I’m gonna tell you twice how to get them. So, right now and at the end of the segment. So you go to LarryJacobson.com. But you have to then add /5-free-gifts.

Suzanne: We’ll put that on our website at Answers for Elders next week. So, if you lose that, if you’re listening in your car, you’ll be able to get it on AFE this week.

Larry Jacobson: Great, so there’s five of them. That’s why it’s five free gifts. The first one is a retirement wheel and it’s a wheel that you you mark how you’re doing in eight different areas of your life. And then when you connect the dots, when they look at the tool that you connect the dots, and it shows you how well-balanced your life is or will be in your retirement. And if I have time, I’ll go through the eight different categories. The second tool is a formula of how to find your encore. And it’s combining what you want, what you know, and it’s a way of just putting these three things together and it’ll come out with what you might want to do as an encore because a lot of people come to me and say, hey, OK, I understand that I can choose something, but I don’t know what to choose. I don’t know what direction to go. I don’t know what to do. OK.

So the, the most popular of the five free gifts then is what’s called the passion quiz. And the passion quiz is about 30-35 questions that dig deep into what it is that you really want to do what it is. You like to do what it is that you’re good at doing, and there’s no scoring of it. But you go back and you look for patterns, you look for repeated words. Sometimes the question seems like, didn’t you just ask me that question? Well, the wording is slightly different, and so if you get the same answer, it really helps define what it is that you, that you, that you wanna do.

Then there’s my e-book, which is the top five retirement planning secrets. And of course, you don’t want me to tell those secrets because they’re, you know, the secrets. And the last gift is my course, the Sail Into Retirement video course, this is you get to enroll in the first lessons for free. So the course itself is only $95 and that’s a special for your show, Suzanne. So it’s $95 and now for this special, it includes a coaching session with me, 90 minute coaching session with me, so you’re getting a $350 value for 95 bucks.

Suzanne: That’s amazing. You know, https://larryjacobson.com/5-free-gifts, and we will definitely put that on Answers for Elders and you know, there’s so many things I hope each and every one of you that are listening to the show today. If you’re in the thought of what am I gonna do after I retire? I don’t care if you’re working in a factory, working out in the field. There’s always that thought of, I don’t know when I’m gonna retire. I don’t, may not have a plan and it’s not just financial, a lot of us think retirement, can I afford to retire like you talked about, but you’re talking about fulfillment. And I think that’s the thing that is so valuable about what we’re doing right now together, and it’s an opportunity to give and have more fulfillment than you did in the first part of your life, because you really get to choose. There’s a blank script. And that’s the thing that’s so amazing. And certainly you know, I’m interested too in there’s some statistics out there, the Baby Boomers are doing retirement differently. Where our parents bought motor homes and they traveled, [Boomers are] oftentimes starting new careers, they’re doing things that they’ve always wanted to do. And you know, but how, maybe they’ve never written a business plan before. They don’t necessarily know how startups work. They don’t necessarily know, but they want to build a dream and there’s a lot of resources out there to help. And certainly we’re excited to be a part of it. So, again, https://larryjacobson.com and Larry and I will be right back right after this.