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How to Spot Red Flags in Admission Agreements, Part 1

Seniors signing forms

This hour addresses all the paperwork — legal contracts — involved in a loved one’s transition to senior living. Sometimes you’re electronically signing your name and initialing a few signature blocks on an iPad, but you aren’t shown the 50 related pages that are on the document you just signed. You’re under the gun in an emergency and need to arrange for a care now, and you just assume you’ll sign this, and mom or dad will be taken care of, and everything will be OK. Usually it is. Today we’re talking about troublesome clauses that might be in the underlying contracts you were asked to sign with or for your loved one.

Elder law attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to showcase red flags to watch for. They apply to nursing home, assisted living, and memory care admissions. First off, this agreement must document what services are available that meet your loved one’s needs, and they must disclose limitations on service. Watch on YouTube to see slides from Jim’s presentation.

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