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Retire Richer With These Tax-Free Investment Secrets

David T. Phillips: Estate Planning Made Easy podcast

Logic would tell us, if we simply plod through life, ignoring any legal opportunities to pay less income and capital gains taxes, the less we will have to spend during retirement and the less we will leave our posterity. In Episode Five of Estate Planning Made Easy, The Podcast, David reveals key investments that either postpone taxes or accumulate totally income and capital gains TAX FREE. David further explains:

* The power of using the Step-up in Basis when planning your estate.
* How The SECURE Act is the Stealth estate tax.
* Why you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA
* Why The Family Bank Strategy, is the Holy Grail, and the premier vehicle to not only accumulate and distribute tax free wealth, but it is also the absolute best way to pass TAX FREE wealth to your posterity.

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