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What’s Next After We Retire?

Retirement and fulfillment coach Larry Jacobson

When we look forward to that looming date of turning 65, we wonder what happens next. Retirement and fulfillment coach Larry Jacobson joins Suzanne to talk about his project Redefining Retirement.

He says most of our lives are scripted, from school to jobs, perhaps with a career, perhaps at the top of your career, and then you retire. Then you turn the page for the next segment of your life, nothing’s written. Because we don’t have anything we’re supposed to be doing, we get stymied. What do we do next? The most common answer is sleep in, travel, and golf. After a year, they ask now what? You want to find the next thing that will provide purpose and fulfillment, not just pleasure.

Larry’s goal is to draw that out of people, helping them find it, being part of something greater than yourself, whether it’s teaching or something else. He provides free tools to Sail Into Retirement, a self-guided video course, 9 modules.

Visit Redefining Retirement, or Sail Into Retirement to learn more about the video course and watch free sample lessons.