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Eight Tips for Selling Your Home in a Changing Market, Part 2

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Continuing from part 1, SASH Services founder Rebecca Bomann provides more tips to make your home sale more successful in a changing real estate market.

2) Study your competition. Look at who is listing their home now, how are they priced, how do they compare to your home. Swipe through photos on real estate apps.

3) Price your home in the sweet spot: not so high that nobody comes to see it, not so low that you feel you left money on the table. Pick your sale price one or two days before listing, not earlier. Buyers are very well educated, can easily check comparative prices on their phones, can tell if a house is priced too high, or how many price drops you’ve had. Don’t base it on what your neighbor got six months ago; it must be priced based on current market data. If you get a lot of activity the first week, it’s priced right. If you have no offers after a few weeks, then it’s priced too high and it should be reduced 3-5 percent. The market never lies.

4) Have a multifaceted marketing plan. You can’t just put it on the market and expect a flood of offers. Your real estate broker needs to earn their commission: Host 2-3 open houses the first week, some in twilight hours for people just off work; make gorgeous flyers on nice paper to show pride of ownership; make excellent video or virtual tours; promote online on social media and in real estate apps to drive traffic.

5) Interview potential real estate brokers. Research who you’re going with. How do they showcase other listings? Don’t just pick your nephew because they’re related. There’s so much at stake when the proceeds are going to fund your care for the rest of your life — you don’t want to leave money on the table.

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