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Focus on Preventative Measures: Emotional Wellness

On behalf of Humana, gold sponsor of the Vitality Revolution Podcast Series, Lori Hutson joins Suzanne. Lori is owner of LJ Hutson Insurance LLC in Washington state.

Vitality Revolution Podcast SeriesThis segment focuses on emotional wellness: how do we nurture and be nurtured? It’ how we can feel a general positive sense of well-being.

Lori says, “It’s really managing our well-being, to take charge of that. We’ve been emotional beings for centuries, but it started coming to the forefront really in the 40s and 50s that psychologists and psychiatrists started thinking, oh, hey, wait a second, maybe we should become more aware of our emotional well-being. And then in the 70s, 80s, it really started ticking off. We are becoming a society that is more and more aware, and recognizing that this is really essential. It’s not just love, or something just to think about. It’s about our self talk and what we say out loud. Words do have a lot of meaning. We’re talking about ourselves, or joking about ourselves. Or somebody pays you a compliment you say, oh, well, yeah. You really need to learn to accept that and love ourselves and I know it can be really difficult.

“But you might give gratitude. That’s huge. If you think of one thing to be grateful for… the more we’re in gratitude, the more our self-esteem flourishes. I have had a ritual for a long time where I get up in the morning and I write down five things that I’m grateful for, and it might be something so simple — we were talking offline about our pets, and it could be some funny little thing that my dog Ruby did, or our kids came over for Mother’s Day and watching our little kids go through 500 water balloons. So tiny. But if we’re just letting life float by, and we’re not really recognizing those things, we’re really missing an opportunity.”

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