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How to Forgive, Part 2

How do we identify resentments and work toward releasing them? Lori Hutson joins Suzanne on behalf of Vitality Revolution podcast series gold sponsor Humana to talk about physical and emotional wellness. This segment continues from Part 1, in which Suzanne and Lori described resentments they held onto for decades that influenced their lives. Today they talk about how they were able to let go of those grudges and forgive.

Just realizing you’re holding onto resentments helps — sometimes people don’t even realize they’re doing it. An outside person asking some questions can bring it out, and recognizing it is the first step.

Lori suggests one way to adjust is to try looking at events from a different perspective, with empathy: have you thought about how the other person thinks? In Suzanne’s case, she wasn’t ready to deal with it when she went through counseling. It wasn’t until she “got” it, realizing that the more she told the story, the only person it was hurting was her.

We may have resentments towards siblings, parents, or others. Releasing of expectations is a solution. We’re often expecting others to behave the same way we would, and that’s not always the case. We have to let go of that. It can manifest itself in physical ways, so it’s important to let these go. If you have these resentments, it often triggers other behavior, or contact with a person triggers those feelings. Lori adds, “If you have that resentment, and there’s something that triggers it, maybe a place or whatever it is, to maybe work towards either — or maybe it’s a person, there’s a person that you interact with that is triggering those resentments — limit your contact with that person or just don’t go to that place if there’s a certain place that triggers that. Maybe work towards avoiding that as much as possible.”

Suzanne adds, “I wish for each and every one of you that are listening today to think about how you can release your attachment to things that have hurt you. I would love if you’d share that on social media, and think about ways that you can forgive. I know I’m gonna definitely share this one on my personal Facebook page. I think it’s important that we all look at how we can have a better life moving forward and certainly forgiveness is a huge piece of it.”

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