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Plan for Long Term Care While You’re Healthy

Most baby boomers haven’t planned for a long term care event, considering that only 1 in 30 have a long-term care policy and only 7% of adults over age 50 own any form of Long Term Care insurance. David T. Phillips joins Suzanne to talk about how to reposition our assets in order to have funds available for a long term care event.
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Family Finances: Talking With Your Parents

Do you have a financial plan to move forward in your aging years? Do your senior loved ones have a plan? Sometimes it's hard to bring up those topics with them, but if you get asked to serve as power of attorney for a family member, it's your business to find out. Sitting down with a senior finance manager might be a great way to bridge you to this information in a non-invasive way. Brynne Malone, the owner and founder of Aging Solutions NW, joins Suzanne to talk about how to talk to your parents about their family finances. Financial wellness, knowing you have resources to maintain your life, is one of the 8 foundational principles of wellness featured in the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

A Senior Living Financial Aid Office

ElderLife Financial is a financial aid office for senior living, a one-stop shop to help families understand how to pay for long-term care.
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People Needed for Your Estate Plan: Powers of Attorney

Elder law attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about setting up your estate plan and the people needed to complete various documents, such as powers of attorney, wills, living wills, revocable trusts, and irrevocable third-party trusts. This segment covers Powers of Attorney.
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How to Deal With Threats to Discharge Your Loved One, Part 1

We sign all sorts of paperwork when a senior loved one is admitted to a nursing home, assisted living, or memory care community. But often we don't know what we're signing. When a senior living community threatens to discharge or evict a loved one, certain rules apply to those communities that take Medicare or Medicaid, regardless of whether your loved one is using those programs. Elder law attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about those rules.
Medicaid When You Have Income

Medicaid When You Have Income

Elder Law Attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about how Medicaid and other long-term care situations handle retirees who continue to receive income the rest of their lives. Income payments can come from Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, pension payments, VA pension payments, annuity payments, or income from rental properties.

How to Choose People to Represent You, Part 1

This hour presents a who's who of people who should be involved in your estate plan, and how to choose people to have power of attorney – specifically, the personality traits they should have. For Powers of Attorney (General and Health Care), you need to choose an Agent, First successor agent, Second successor agent, and Others.