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Finding Financial Aid for the Move to Senior Living

Emily Schwarz with ElderLife Financial joins Suzanne to solve the conundrum of finding financial aid to bridge the move to senior living.
Estate planning

People Needed for Your Estate Plan: Irrevocable Third-Party Trust

Listen in to learn about setting up your estate plan and the people needed to set up irrevocable third-party trusts, with elder law attorney Jim Koewler.
Darol Tuttle

Introducing Asset Protection Planning

Attorney Darol Tuttle joins Suzanne to talk about going beyond estate planning. Asset protection focuses on protecting your assets while you're still alive, to finance your retirement throughout your life, and to fund the retirement of your spouse.
Steve Waltar

Everything You Need to Know About Probate

Probate is a court process to retitle assets. Probate is designed to create a “final accounting” upon death. It is the legal process of “proving up” a will, or verifying that a will is valid, takes place in one of two instances. First, if a person dies leaving behind a will, or second, if the deceased has died intestate, that is, has not left behind a will or estate plan of any type or the will cannot be found. Estate planning attorney Steve Waltar with Legacy Estate Planning joins Suzanne to give us a primer on probate.

Long Term Care Insurance, with Jim Koewler

All about long term care insurance. Insurance takes the burden from you. You want to look at a stable company and stick with it for life. These are companies you don't see in the news, don't take risks, and have a history. One that underwrites on a long-term care model is best, rather than a disability model.
David T. Phillips: Estate Planning Made Easy podcast

The Taxman and Your Estate

David T. Phillips, CEO of Estate Planning Specialists reveals the importance of exploiting the currently lofty $13.6 federal estate and gift tax exclusion, before it “sunset” or drops down to $6 million on December 31, 2025, known as Tax Doomsday!
Darol Tuttle

Asset Protection Planning Stories

Attorney Darol Tuttle shares a couple of stories that illustrate the essential need for asset protection planning.

Families and Funding Options: Have the conversations up front!

Many families avoid discussing money. It’s not an easy topic to talk about. And I am certainly not a professional financial advisor, nor do...
Seniors signing forms

People Needed for Your Estate Plan: Powers of Attorney

Elder law attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about setting up your estate plan and the people needed to complete various documents, such as powers of attorney, wills, living wills, revocable trusts, and irrevocable third-party trusts. This segment covers Powers of Attorney.

Medicare Advantage Options, with Jim Koewler

Elder Law and special needs attorney Jim Koewler talks about options if a senior doesn't have enough income to afford Medicare supplemental insurance. If you want to have more than bare Medicare, look for a Medicare Advantage program that does the most for you. Specifically ask for plans that are generous on rehab, because rehab is expensive. Good rehab means a better life after rehab is done. Companies that give you money back, or charge less, means they have less money to cover you with.