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How to Forgive, Part 2

How do we identify resentments and work toward releasing them? Lori Hutson joins Suzanne on behalf of Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsor Humana to talk about letting go of personal grudges to find forgiveness.
Hope Lanter

How to Improve Your Hearing, Part 1 with Hope Lanter

Statistics show that about 47 million adults have some level of hearing loss, many who are under 70 years old. This hour, Suzanne Newman...
Denise Medved, founder and CEO of Ageless Grace

Keeping Your Brain Fit and Healthy

Ageless Grace founder Denise Medved describes simple exercises that can improve your brain health, part of the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

With a Little Help: Homecare Associates, with Shawn D’Amelio

Shawn D'Amelio talks about CarePartners Living partnerships such as With A Little Help. She is the VP of Washington State Homecare Association, which is...
Wowzitude live stream tours

Travel Stories, Wow Moments In Immersive Tours

Founder and CEO Susan Black joins Suzanne to share some amazing travel stories from Wowzitude.
Retirement coach Larry Jacobson

How to Seek Fulfillment vs Pleasure, Part 2

Retirement coach Larry Jacobson talks more about differences between seeking pleasures in your senior years and finding purpose and fulfillment.
Abby Winter, University of Washington School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Benefits, Health Checks at Era Living

Pharmacist Abby Winter from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy talks about advantages that residents of Era Living retirement communities receive thanks to a partnership with the university.

Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans

Kristine Grow, spokesperson from the Coalition for Medicare Choices, explains who Medicare Advantage Plans cover, and how it's accessible.
Kelley Smith

Dementia: Retaining freedom and dignity, with Kelley Smith

Kelley Smith, VP of sales and marketing at CarePartners Senior Living, talks at Discovery 2019, the 34th Annual Alzheimer's Regional Conference. CarePartners operates seven dementia-dedicated senior care facilities in Washington. Sometimes intervention happens too soon — it has to be the right marriage of timing and where seniors are in their journey.
Occupational wellness senior living

Crafting a Sense of Purpose For Those With Dementia, Part 2

Michelle Cornelius talks about providing a sense of purpose and accomplishment in the social calendars of people with dementia at Cogir Senior Living.