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Forgiveness: Harm from Anger of Betrayal

Lori Hutson Vitality Revolution

Today the topic is forgiveness: betrayal, perceived feelings kept sometimes since childhood. Learning to open up and talk about it is important, recognizing that you’re feeling it and why. Lori Hutson joins Suzanne on behalf of Vitality Revolution podcast series gold sponsor Humana, talking about physical and emotional wellness. Lori, owner of L.J. Hudson Insurance LLC in Washington, talks about the wellness mindset promoted by Humana.

As mentioned in this episode, Lori and Suzanne previously discussed forgiveness extensively in the podcasts How to Forgive, Part 1 and How to Forgive, Part 2.

This hour’s segments are:

You can contact Lori through her website at L.J. Hudson Insurance LLC. Hear more of Lori’s podcasts on Answers for Elders. Learn more about the overall Vitality Revolution podcast series and find more episodes about Physical Wellness and Emotional Wellness. Learn more about Answers for Elders, the North Star in Navigating Senior Care.